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 Valid Vision Venture was established with the idea to bring together the small potters from all over India who excel in the art of creating beautiful pieces that can sustain constant heat of gas stove and microwave.

These handful of potters need to be encouraged and enabled such that the art does not fade away. A need was felt to bring about some changes in the already existing skill set such that their pots could be used in the modern kitchens. We want to encourage these potters to continue to stay in their profession.

These potters who have diligently held on to the art of creating cookware... must pass on this art to the next generation as well. Together we can ensure we give them the dignity in this profession

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Help us in accelerating the GROWTH of Indian Products. Help us preserve our ancient culture and it’s people like potteries and India



We strongly believe in maintaining the authenticity of the earthenware. And, that’s our only motto.


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It Also Retains The Nutrition Of The Food, Which Is Generally Lost In Other Types Of Utensils.The Thermal Inertia In Clay Pots Helps Meats Stay Tender And Soft As The Muscle Proteins Denature And Collagen Breaks Down Completely.

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