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Online & Offline assignments  which you can execute on MS-WORD or any other softwares.


Editing Word Files and checking for spellings and grammatical errors.


Prepration & Modification of Tables in Excel format. Accuracy demanded.

Typing on Computer

Easy Steps to work

Choose Your Plan Get Upto Cashback of Rs 90

Hello, you all are warmly welcome to this digital platform, as we all know today we are living in digital Era. Today your income is low and daily expenses are very high, you can earn from here by just doing simple typing work from your home  via android phones / laptop or computer .

We hope that we will be able to help you 100% to prove helpful. Any person can do our work from any corner of the country and make a good income . 

Because our aim is that every person connected to this platform can get maximum benefit also share us with your love ones so that the needy people can get a chance to make income in this period of digital era and can be a part of our platform and our family.

We will thankfull with your presence.


Message from Director

Sheshant Rastogi

About Us


We provide different data entry projects throughout the year which are needed to be done by you according to your selected plan of recharge.

Any persons student, housewifes, retired persons etc who are able to read write & can do use of email can join us today with valid bank accounts details.

Our company is also related with education work globally. Come join us today and promote our network put your contribution to this magnificent work.

How To Earn ?

On your registered email we will deliver project in the form of JPEG files which are needed to be type by you in the Microsoft Office Word or simple Notepad  Application via android phones with no spelling mistake we will not deduct in payouts till 70% accuracy rate According to the time limit mentioned in recharge plan on our official email provided to you after registration completion.

No payment will be made if mail fallen after the given time limit. 



Must have a valid bank account
Must have a android phone / laptop or computer
Email & Whatsapp must be running

Recharge Plans ?

Data Entry Project work will be send by us on your registered email id as per your selected plan of recharge. Recharge will make your account active till the valid time period mentioned in the recharge you will be able to earn on daily bases by submitting projects as per terms by sending projects on  our official email id shared with  you  after registration completion and Recharge.


                                         For Registered



Share the website by using below given link & get cashback upto Rs 90 instantly in your bank account

If we got 4 joining from your account on same day  then you will be credited with Rs 2.50 more every  day after your project submission as per project submission  terms  .

Payment Procedure

After recharge & activation of account you will be able to submit your task ( project) to our official email id as per recharge plan the amount of work will be credited to you in your valid bank account. In case of any issue you can raise payment request to our official email id.

Till 10 Days of registration payment will be credited to your account within 2-3 working days. After 10 days payment will be made on daily base.



₹ 155/- 

Validity 30  Days 

Rs 18 Per Day 

10-12 Pages Per Day

Earn Upto ₹ 540+12 Bonus

Time Limit 4 Hrs  


₹ 399/- 

Validity 30 Days

Rs 28 Per Day 

12-25 Pages Per Day

Earn Upto ₹ 840/-

Time Limit 5 Hrs 


₹ 499/-

Validity 32 Days 

Rs 34 Per Day

25 -50 Pages Per Day

Earn Upto ₹ 1088/-

Time Limit 6 Hrs 


₹ 999/-

Validity 45 Days

Rs 51 Per Day 

50- 80 Pages Per Day

Earn Upto ₹ 2295/-

Time Limit 7 Hrs 


₹ 1199/-

Validity 45 Days 

Rs 72 Per Day

80-120 Pages Per Day

Earn Upto ₹ 3240/-

Time Limit 9 Hrs 


₹ 1599/-

Validity 45 Days

Rs 78 Per Day

80-130 Pages  Per Day

Earn Upto ₹ 3510/-

Time Limit 10 Hrs 


₹ 1899/-

Validity 45 Days

Rs 101 Per Day

130 - 165 Pages Per Day 

Earn Upto ₹ 4545/-

Time Limit 12 Hrs 


₹ 2499/- 

Validity 60 Days 

Rs 250 Per Day

145 - 220 Pages Per Day

Earn Upto ₹ 15000/-

Time Limit 15 Hrs 

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Why Choose Us

Data Care Web Entry connects thousands of freelancers and people who are looking for skilled people for their small projects. We encourage online workers who possess basic computing skills to come on board and make use of those skills.

Through our services , freelancers from all age-groups are earning handsome amount of money. People from all areas of society, i.e. Retired Persons, Housewives, Students, Teenagers are completing hundreds of projects every hour.


FEEL FREE TO CALL US AT +91-8557049326

  • What should be the minimum typing speed required to work here as a data entry operator?​​​
    There is no specific typing speed required for our data entry projects. The higher is the typing speed, the lesser time it takes to complete the project. There is no time limit or minimum targets to be completed. You get paid for the number of completed pages you submit.
  • What is the accuracy level to be maintained in this data entry project?
    70% accuracy is very important to get paid. The pages which contain more than 30 % errors are not eligible for any payment. Errors are counted only for spelling mistakes and punctuation like coma, hyphen, etc. No errors are counted for space, alignment, word position, etc.
  • Why is it necessary to recharge an account ?
    It is necessary to recharge an account to get frequent online data enrty work as the recharged account has a validity period after its expired you will not get any new work.
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