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Personalised, well-crafted tour packages for best experiences

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8+ Packages
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Top Trending India Holiday Destinations

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Why Choose A Star TNT?

More Than 20 Years Of Experience, Variety Of Tour Packages, Best Deals And Personalised Services.

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Dedicated Team

Our dedicated travel team diligently works round-the-clock to design the best travel experiences for the customers. 

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Our holidays are co-created with customers, ensuring suggestions and feedback are the basis of creating magical holidays.

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Memorable Experience 

Join the char my trip family- over 5lac customers have created there most memorable experience with us

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Trusted Advisor

Choose from a wide range of over a thousand holidays and experiences. Special holidays catering to the cultural diversity of India.

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It is an honour for us to be able to be a part of crucial initiatives towards safeguarding animal rights, protection of endangered species, and responsible mountaineering and trekking ventures.

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